Burbank, CA Interior Sliding Doors

Sliding Door Burbank Experts

Sliding doors are excellent addition to any home or office décor, and would complement any space beautifully and elegantly. In addition, they provide fantastic view of the surrounding environment and offer modern appearance to a residential or commercial space.

But, to enjoy all these great benefits and glamour that sliding doors offer, you need to partner with an experienced and expertise-proven local California Company for your home and office sliding doors, custom sliding closet doors, and even contemporary interior doors. This description suits our company perfectly, which is why we stand out in Burbank and California as a whole.

We Provide Excellent Services To Different Clients

Are you a builder, contractor, homeowner, architect, or interior designer? At some point, you would definitely need glass doors and sliding doors to complement the home or office space you’re constructing or remodeling. You can completely rely on our years of experience, unparallel expertise, Made in the USA materials and products, and our 100% satisfactory services at any time.

Best of all, we engage advanced technology alongside quality materials – aluminum frames and glass for home and office sliding doors. The most amazing part is that we deliver custom doors in 14 days without compromising both quality and price.

And, if you prefer that we partner with you from the start to the finish of your project, our team of experts will be right there and will assist you plan and design a custom solution for your home or office space from the scratch.

Why Opt For Sliding Doors Over The Traditional Options?

If you’re still not sure whether or not to embrace sliding glass doors for your space décor, here are some of the irresistible benefits that would convince you;
• Chic and Modern Appearance
Whether it is your closet, stationary panels, wall panels, cubicles or room dividers, and whether it is for residential or commercial purpose, sliding doors add beauty and elegance to any space. They can completely transform the appearance of any space in a breeze.
• Space Maximization
KNR top-notch sliding and glass doors will help you maximize your office or home space. We accomplish this by creating an optical illusion with our fashionable slide doors, which ultimately makes your space appear larger than it is. In fact, these doors are actual space savers.
And as you know, these exquisite doors slide one over another on the track designed for them. As a result, it is completely out of place to create additional space around the doorway as you would do with hinged doors so that they would be able to open. Ultimately, you will end up saving substantial space.
• Great Energy Saver
The superior quality glass panes integrated into our exquisite sliding doors help to pave way for lots of natural light to stream into an office or home space during the day. As a result, it may be needless turning the lights on during the day!
Consequently, your residential or office space will become an energy-saving zone, helping you spend less on monthly utility bills. Besides, your space will become alluring and irresistible because of the natural light streaming in.
• Improved Security
Thanks to our cutting-edge design slide doors, enhanced security is one of the benefits you will enjoy when you invest into our sliding doors. With crime rates not subsiding as they should, security is a key factor when investing in modern glass doors.

Our sliding doors come with advanced hook-over locking system, so that the sliding leaf can’t be lifted off the frame, which in turn enhances security in a home or office.

Don’t delay to contact us right away. We will deliver your custom sliding door in less than 2 weeks.