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Custom Sliding Glass Doors for Commercial and Residential Spaces in San Jose

Elevate your space with KNR Sliding Doors’ premium glass doors in San Jose. Our meticulously crafted doors blend aesthetics and practicality, perfect for both commercial and residential settings. From elegant office partitions to innovative conference room dividers and stunning sliding door installations, our bespoke solutions redefine spaces while maximizing efficiency. Homeowners will love our luxurious sliding glass doors, which infuse rooms with style, natural light, and space-saving elegance.

Custom Made Commercial Interior Glass Door Solutions in San Jose

San Jose’s thriving tech and business scenes demand top-notch design and functionality. KNR Sliding Doors understands the unique needs of businesses in this dynamic city. Whether you’re fostering collaboration in a tech office, or impressing clients in a chic conference room, our luxury interior glass doors combine style and substance. Tailored for San Jose’s fast-paced business landscape, our doors deliver cutting-edge design and unmatched performance.

Luxurious Residential Glass Door Solutions in San Jose

Transform your home with KNR Sliding Doors’ premium glass doors. Our residential options are designed to add sophistication and utility to any space. Try our stylish interior dividers. Whether renovating or building anew, our customizable interior glass doors bring contemporary luxury to your San Jose commercial and residential living spaces.

Custom Made Doors in 14 Days for San Jose’s Diverse Needs:

  • Office Partitions
  • Conference Room Dividers
  • Wall Slide Doors for Meeting Rooms
  • Fixed Glass Panels for Offices
  • Room Dividers
  • Sliding Barn Doors
  • Swinging Doors
  • Wall Slide Doors
  • Fixed Panels

Modern Sliding Glass Door Innovations for San Jose’s Dynamic Environments

Revolutionize your San Jose space with KNR Sliding Doors’ state-of-the-art interior glass door designs. Engineered to meet the unique demands of the city’s thriving business and residential sectors, our solutions seamlessly blend functionality, durability, and style. Custom made in 14 days in our SoCal warehouse, whether you seek office partitions, sleek sliders, or customized room dividers, our products redefine workspace and home aesthetics with unparalleled functionality.

Ideal for Various San Jose Sectors and Home Applications:

  • Tech Industry: Enhance modern office spaces in San Jose with sleek, innovative sliding door designs that foster collaboration and creativity, aligning with the city’s growing technology sector.
  • Finance: Create sophisticated and secure conference rooms, executive offices, and client meeting areas, reflecting the professionalism and prestige of San Jose’s financial institutions.
  • Retail: Offer stylish and functional storefronts, dressing rooms, and display areas to attract customers in San Jose’s diverse retail environments.
  • Healthcare: Provide clean, efficient, and private partitions in medical settings, ensuring patient confidentiality and comfort in San Jose’s healthcare facilities.
  • Hospitality: Elevate the aesthetics of hotels, restaurants, and event venues in San Jose with elegant dividers and entryways that impress guests and enhance the ambiance.
  • Legal and Consulting: Design professional and private office spaces for client meetings, catering to the needs of San Jose’s numerous law firms and consulting businesses.
  • Education: Enhance classrooms, lecture halls, and administrative offices with flexible partitions that adapt to the dynamic needs of UCSJ and San Jose’s educational institutions.

Real Estate and Property Management: Add value to commercial properties with modern glass doors, appealing to the diverse market of San Jose’s real estate industry.

Our Products

View our top interior glass door products that we service for the San Jose, CA area.

Customizable Excellence That Inspires San Jose

Experience tailored design excellence with KNR Sliding Doors’ customizable interior glass door solutions, crafted for San Jose’s diverse landscape. Your door is created within our Southern California studio within 14 days of placing an order. Our commitment to excellence ensures every door exceeds your unique needs, inspiring and transforming spaces with elegance and functionality.

Interior sliding glass door separating an office from a living room with large artwork on the walls.
Frosted glass interior doors sliding to a bedroom with exposed brick and wooden beams.

Navigating San Jose's Regulations for Glass Door Installations

Adhering to San Jose’s laws and regulations for interior glass door installations is crucial. Our knowledgeable team guides you through every step, ensuring compliance with local codes and safety standards.

To comply with San Jose’s specific laws and regulations for glass door installations in commercial buildings and homes, several key points need to be considered:

  • Fire Safety: Building owners must adhere to the fire alarm system requirements, which include annual testing and inspection, maintaining compliance records, and posting compliance statements in common areas. Additionally, the installation of smoke alarms in sleeping areas must meet specific sound level requirements to ensure occupant safety​. 

Why choose knr sliding doors

For unparalleled quality and service in San Jose’s interior glass doors, trust KNR Sliding Doors. Contact us today – call (818) 351-2981 – for a complimentary quote and elevate your space with elegance and functionality!

Modern office space with glass-walled cubicles, interior doors, and computer workstations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Interior Glass Door Installations in San Jose:

  • Our solutions typically do not require permits, saving you time and hassle.
  • Our custom sliding doors are created within 14 days in our SoCal warehouse and are installed in one day.

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