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Your local interior sliding door company in Malibu, CA that specializes in interior glass doors, room dividers, glass closet doors and more for your home and office.

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Sliding doors are perfect for homes in a beach city like Malibu in California. It is an area known for stylish modern housing for celebrities and home to a lot of beach houses. Malibu is home to a lot of beaches including Zuma Beach, Carbon Beach, Escondido Beach and the popular Pirate Cove.


Glass doors are perfect for the interior of your Malibu homes; they give you a great view of the beach, a modern look that is more appealing to the eye and befitting of an exquisite beach city. We can provide sliding glass doors and more for your residential and commercial uses.

Our Products

View our top interior glass door products that we service for Malibu, CA area.

Who We Are

We are a local California company that manufactures and designs both custom and standard made sliding doors, glass doors, and room dividers for your home and offices. All our doors are made in the USA, and we deal in a wide selection of office sliding doors, glass doors, room dividers, custom sliding closet doors, Contemporary Interior Doors, and glass closet doors. We use top quality materials and aluminum frames for our doors, and our glass is brought in from Europe.

Our Interior Glass Door Products

Room dividers are great for demarcating your house and making up space for things like study, play room or movie room. Glass sliding doors are perfect for demarcating beach houses which are popular in Malibu; they allow more light and give you a nice view of other parts of the house. These doors are perfect for your bedrooms, offices, living rooms and kitchens interior.

We also offer custom sliding closet doors which give your room a more modern and visually appealing look. When you update your closet doors, you bring your room back to life, and we offer the standard 2.5-inch frame for the doors.


TV closet doors are exclusive to us. Having a problem finding where to place your TV in your room or kid’s room? Worry no more; we got you covered with our patent-pending TV fixed into the closest doors. This helps with saving space that the TV would have occupied normally and it also gives the room an exquisite look. It is ideal for your kid’s room.


For all doors, we use aluminum that is environment-friendly! This helps you to update the outlook of your home and make it look stunning to fit with the trends of Malibu.


We are the only company offering 6mm tempered glass as our standard product in all of Malibu, California. We offer an amazing customer service, you know what you want, you tell us, and we explain how best we can do that and more. In a case whereby you cannot come to us for consultation, we will come to you just because we care about our customers.


Our prices are also great; we offer the best price you can find anywhere in Malibu. Our price match guarantee ensures you to get a matching price for items by our competitors with the same material, size, and quality. For those who want custom made doors, we get you your custom doors in 14 days, and you can trust us to give them with quality materials-aluminum frames! All you need to do is to send a photo of your space or the door you love, and we will help you to find your expected one. Our technicians have the experience and skills required to deliver.


Our use of quality materials and meticulous fixing ensures the doors are durable and reliable. You can contact us for your questions and a free quote.

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