Beverly Hills, CA Interior Sliding Doors

Beverly Hills offers lots of attractions ranging from neighborhood boutique hotels and gastronomic restaurants to five-diamond retreats and celebrity homes. This city is indeed historic and a place to be. Beverly Hills residents are proud of their city but they are much prouder of the monumental buildings in the city. No subpar furniture and doors should be used in your Beverly Hills buildings and interiors. You need a door that actually matches with the city’s description don’t you? If yes, KNR Sliding Doors is indeed the right place to be. From exclusive sliding doors to glass closet doors that stand the test of time, we can help you to update the appearance of your home and make it look gorgeous to fit with the trends of the city.

Why Are We The Best?

Yes, we are the best in designing and producing custom sliding closet doors most suitable for the interiors of the home and even commercial buildings. We have the experience, expertise and skills to offer you want. We are local California company that produces some of the best made in the USA sliding doors. We are experts in customizing doors to customer’s taste and demands. Our experts can produce your custom doors in 14 days and you can be sure that the door will meet every quality standards and be tailor-made with respect to your specification.

For customization service, we will require that you give us your custom requirements. You can simply send a photo of your space or door you love and we will help to customize the door and carry out every other intricate requirement necessary to get the door designed to your taste. Of course, our service is not reserved for homes alone; it is both for home and office. In other words, we can design doors and frames that would be well suited for your office space and at the same time durable and fashionable.

What We Offer

We offer a range of products and services, and each of our products is exceptional. We can design doors with quality materials – aluminum frames. Aluminum is often preferred for the design of its interesting properties and durability. We can also provide you different kinds of glass doors. Our glossy TV closet doors can be designed with glass in order to keep your television and electronics safe and at the same time make your home interiors look superb. Most offices need room dividers to separate workspaces and offices. Our room dividers are second to none, made with high-quality materials and customized with respect to your office space. Of course, room dividers are not only used in office; they are equally used in some homes. You can order for home room dividers from us and they will be tailored to the specific size, shape and ideal of your home or office.

Why Contact Us?

We can transform any archaic looking home into a modern home with our contemporary interior doors. This is what we stand for and that is why we dedicate untold time and effort in painstaking design of gorgeous doors. We make sure that we leave an emblem of quality on each product we produce. You can browse our site to go through our wide collection of custom sliding closet doors and other supernal products that will make your home and office one to reckon with. This is your opportunity to buy directly from the manufacturer and we are always available to respond to our customer’s calls and request to help them update their Beverly Hills home interiors with our exclusive doors and products.