Glass Closet Doors

Elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your living space with KNR Sliding Doors, comprehensive range of home closet doors. Each type of sliding closet doors in our collection offers a unique blend of style and utility to suit diverse home interiors. From modern closet doors styles to traditional home closet doors, we have a variety of custom closet doors ready within 14 days that will perfectly match your space. Glass Closet Doors: If you’re seeking a sleek, modern look, consider our glass closet doors. They allow for maximum natural light flow and can make your spaces appear more open and spacious. Available in clear or frosted designs, these doors offer a versatile solution that merges aesthetics with practicality. Mirrored Closet Doors: Our mirrored closet doors serve a dual purpose: they double as full-length mirrors while providing a smart storage solution. The reflective surfaces create an illusion of depth and amplify natural light, making your rooms feel larger and brighter. Wooden Closet Doors: For those who appreciate the timeless appeal of natural materials, our wooden closet doors are an excellent choice. Crafted from high-quality wood, they provide durability and add a warm, classic touch to your rooms. They’re a perfect match for traditional, rustic, or even modern interior designs. Closet Barn Doors: Inject a dose of rustic charm into your home with our closet barn doors. Offering a blend of country flair and contemporary design, these doors make a bold statement. They slide smoothly on a track, making them a practical solution for any room size. Our sliding closet doors are not only able to update the design of any room to give it a more modern look, but also functionality in many ways. Our sliding closet doors move with the slightest push, your doors will slide from side to side – Smoothly, quietly, and easily. This is because of our custom modest track together with our wheel system that provides the softest and quietest glide. Our wheels are positioned in the center of the door, without any plastic or other coverings needed behind the wheel. This feature ensures doors to stay on the track. We provide 5 years warranty on the wheel system. Because they are manufactured here in Los Angeles, they are available in 14 days and we can make them any style you like. KNR Sliding Door Design offers aluminum frame options, available in silver, black and white. You can select a wood sliding door or glass sliding door with a laminated or tempered 6-12 mm thick glass.

Explore our versatile range of home closet doors and discover the ideal solution to meet your style preferences and functional needs. With KNR Sliding Doors, because we manufacture the products locally, balancing style and practicality has never been easier!