The human capital and location of Calabasas says it all about the rich resources at this Californian crux. Calabasas is the home of some top American celebrities such as Drake, Kanye West, Kardashian and so forth. This environment has state-of-the-art and modern facilities as a norm. Most homes in Calabasas have gorgeous sliding doors and even glass closet doors perfect for the home interiors. KNR Sliding Doors offers trendy doors suitable for different parts of the homes and they can even be tailored to match the exact design, size and other specifications of your home. We are specialists in making home interiors stand out and we are concerned about giving the distinguished residents of Calabasas the type of doors that suites them. Interestingly, our custom doors are not only for residential homes but they can also be used for commercial purposes such as offices.

Specialists In Building Customizable Doors

No two homes are ever the same even though they may be constructed by the same architects. We are a local California Company that produces made in the USA customizable doors. Our goal is to create doors that would stand the test of time and that would make your home sparkle. We provide custom doors of all types available in various options such as glass door options, wood door options, frame options and style options. In other words, you can define the option you want for your home and we will tailor the door to match that option. Whether you need home or office sliding doors, you only need to send a photo of your space or a door you love and we will help you to build the door to your exact specification.

Yes, we can build custom doors in 14 days and still guarantee superb quality. We pride ourselves as the best in this field because we not only make use of the best tools and materials but we are well experienced in building custom doors. When customizing the doors, we take note of your exact requirements; that is why we may need a photo of what you want to hit the hammer on the nail.

Quality Services

We understand that most of our customers in Calabasas, California places quality above every other thing; that is why we ensure that each sliding custom sliding closet doors, contemporary interior doors and various other kinds of sliding doors meet the best standards at the cheapest possible cost. We emphasize on quality and of course we make use of quality materials – aluminum frames for our product designs. The doors come in different dimensions such as 12mm thick natural wood closet doors, 2.5-inch standard frame sliding door and so forth and can be customized for home and office.

Contact Us For Exclusive Products

We are always available to help our customers make their homes better by providing them doors, room dividers and even glass doors that would stand the test of time and meet their satisfaction. We are family owned and located in your neighborhood and you can contact us for your door designs. This could be an opportunity to make your home stand out at a very affordable price but much more importantly at a very high quality; you can make it count today. You can take your time to browse through our catalog of quality and gorgeous doors and then contact us for a free quote on the products. Our products’ quality and price make them clearly better than those of our competitors’ and besides the doors are made with environmentally friendly materials, making them most suitable for your home. Make a difference in your homes today with our exclusive products.