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Are you looking for custom sliding doors in Palos Verdes? KNR Sliding Doors specializes in making sliding doors out of the best quality materials using the finest engineering techniques. Our products combine both practicality and state of the art design to help you truly stand out.

Our Products

View our top interior glass door products that we service for the Palos Verdes, CA area.

About KNR Sliding Doors

Our company is located in California and we pride ourselves on the fact that our products are 100% made in the United States. Our custom sliding doors, available in either glass or wood, use the best quality aluminum frames. All the materials we use are easy to clean, completely environmentally friendly, and fully recyclable.


Yes, there are alternative sliding door companies, but what makes us stand out is the quality of material we use and the fact that we follow strict quality control procedures during the manufacture of our custom sliding door frames, systems and wheels. The end result of our manufacturing process is custom made sliding doors which are far superior to anything made by other companies.


You can use our custom sliding doors in your office, your home or your closets. Wherever you want to use them, we have many shades and designs options for you to consider. If you know the exact specifications, then send them to us and we’ll manufacture your custom sliding doors following those specifications. Or, if you are unsure what kind of door will suit you, contact us with a picture of either the space, or of a door which you like. Our experts will then get in touch to assist you with guidance about which custom sliding door will be best for your office or home.


What’s more, after getting your order, we’ll manufacture your sliding doors and deliver them to you within a maximum period of 14 days only! That’s not all, our customer service representatives will be in regular touch to update you of the progress and will be just a phone call away in case you ever face any issues.

Glass Doors

Our standard 6mm tempered glass closet doors are perfect for creating a stylish appearance for your closets. You can use our custom sliding closet doors in your bedrooms, living room, kitchen or your office to help keep your surroundings neat and tidy. Go for either our frosted or clear glass variety depending upon whether you want to hide or display whatever you want to store in your closet.

Modern beauty salon interior with stylish makeup stations, comfortable seating area, and elegant glass doors.

Office sliding doors

Our office sliding doors can help you divide a large office into rooms or partitions. Get full functionality and complete privacy for your office staff to work in peace. You can divide a big space into smaller rooms or split it into many cubicles. Use your imagination and our sliding doors to make the office of your dreams!

Residential Interior Sliding Glass Doors in Palos Verdes, CA

In Palos Verdes, we understand the importance of blending functionality with aesthetics. Our state-of-the-art glass and wood doors are fully customizable to your preferences, allowing you to open up spaces and express your creativity. From sliding barn doors to stacking doors, fixed glass walls with swinging doors, room dividers, closet doors, and wall partitions, we offer a wide range of options that will elevate your home and impress your guests.

Popular Glass Door Options for Palos Verdes, CA Residents:


  • Closet Doors
  • Room Dividers
  • Suspended Doors
  • Barn Doors
  • Swing Doors
  • Wall Slide Doors
  • Fixed Panels
Modern bedroom viewed through sliding frosted glass doors serving as room dividers, with a contrasting dark and neutral color palette.

Commercial Interior Sliding Glass Doors in Palos Verdes, CA

Transform your commercial space in Palos Verdes with our innovative glass and wood door solutions. Whether you need room dividers, custom partitions, or sleek glass sliders, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Our products are engineered for durability and style, allowing you to create inspiring environments that reflect your business’s excellence. Enhance your meeting spaces, office areas, or retail establishments with our customizable door options.


Ideal For Palos Verdes, CA Area:


  • Corporate offices
  • Retail establishments
  • Restaurants and hospitality venues
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • And more…

Contact KNR Sliding Doors

For all your interior door needs in Palos Verdes, California, trust KNR Sliding Doors to deliver exceptional quality and service. Contact us today at (619) 692-1294 or send us a message to start transforming your space.

Modern office space with glass interior barn doors and a person working at a desk inside.

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