Santa Barbara, CA Interior Sliding Doors

When you are wondering which doors to install at your home or office in Santa Barbara, you have many options to choose from. The most popular and the simplest swinging doors are a good choice for many households. However, the benefits of sliding doors are impressively numerous. If you want your home to get a contemporary look while saving space and keeping the cleanup to a minimum, sliding doors are your answer.


While the benefits of home or office sliding doors may be obvious to some people, others still go for the classics without realizing how much they are missing.

Sliding Doors Offer More Space

This is an obvious and the most substantial advantage of the sliding doors. They don’t take up any extra space when you open them. This means you can easily place various furniture near the doors without looking back at the swinging factor.

Sliding Doors Collect Less Dust

Whatever sliding doors you choose, be it glass doors or wooden ones, you’ll be surprised to learn that they collect less dust than swinging doors. The tempered glass sliding doors don’t need to be maintained as often as their hinged counterparts.

Sliding Doors Have a More Contemporary Appearance

The swinging doors are a classic, which is hard to overlook. No matter how you decorate the hinged door, it will never look more classy than a sliding option. Contemporary interior doors are conquering the market. They can easily fit into any décor from classic to shabby chic. Whatever you use the sliding mechanism for, be it glass closet doors or room dividers; you are bound to give your home or office an improved contemporary appearance.

Sliding Doors Can Divide Living Space

Even though hinged doors can do the same, they require you to build a wall around them in order to section off a part of the room. Meanwhile sliding doors and room dividers can easily do it on their own.

Custom Made Doors

While some people are fully satisfied with the standard doors that you can buy at the nearby store, others have more complicated plans for their home or office interior. That is where custom made doors come it. Be it custom sliding closet doors, room dividers or simple interior doors, the ability to design them on your own is priceless.

Our company offers you an opportunity to design your own door without getting up from your favorite couch. We give you the materials, explain the sizes, and you can become a designer today. Once you create your dream door online, we can deliver it in 14 days. We use only high-quality materials, such as aluminum frames, natural wooden panels, and durable tempered glass. All our doors are made in the USA.

You can design a room divider, a sliding door, a wall panel, and a custom closet door. Depending on your needs, our professional assistants can offer you smart advice about your door’s design. If you are not sure which door fits your space best, you can send us a photo so we can help with the design.

About Us

We are a local company, servicing Santa Barbara and other South California areas. We pride ourselves on providing the best interior sliding doors and similar solutions at an affordable price. All our doors are made from the highest quality materials. We are proud to offer each one of our customers an opportunity to create their perfect door without lengthy planning and tough designing. Our sliding doors can become a great solution for your Santa Barbara home or office.