We are a team of professionals dedicated to solve all your interior home or office design needs. We have the competence and charisma to handle your project needs right from its beginning to its conclusion. You will benefit from excellent quality, competitive prices, and exceptional service. Our team of professionals will be part of the project as well. We use a team of professional and certified contractors, architects, and designers in every project we undertake.

Home applications

Home Closet Doors: We use sliding glass doors for your closet to give it a modern and glamorous look. Glass doors inject a perfect appearance to any space. You have the opportunity to make a choice from a variety of frames and shades. We will customize the look of your closet using our exceptional dividers. The outcome will be perfect.

Room Dividers: We will separate your office or living space adding other functional spaces to the existing room. Using glass dividers it is possible to divide the existing space perfectly splitting it and still have adequate exposure and enough open space. We offer our customers a variety of choices for room dividers. Through room division you can add some private space, increase room for storage, and hide clutter.

Wall Sliding Doors: The sliding panel can be applied in different variations and openings. Irrespective of the size of an opening it is possible to change a room’s appearance and the wall by adding some décor using panels. Wooden or glass panels are fitted close enough to the wall so as to isolate an area without eating up space. You achieve separate spaces using style. You can conceal messy shelves and isolate desk regions of an office by creating a separate space for it. Our wood and glass door choices will add some style and glamour to the space available.

Stationary Panels: The stationary panels and doors make it possible to place glass panels that allow for an enhanced look to your room. We use glass panels in designing stationary panels. Glass panels could be applied as partitions or substitutes for the typical wall in the contemporary stylish piece. We have a wide variety of designs and colors that will fit your need.

Other Home Applications: We also do pocket doors, frameless doors, fixed panel doors, and office wall panels.

Office applications

Closet Doors: Closet doors can be used to optimize office space. By covering the shelves, files, and other messy spaces using a wooden or glass door the appearance will become elegant and professional. Our aluminum frame, wooden, wheel system, modern art track, and glass styling will make your closet stylish.

Partitions: When looking to divide the available space, office partitions will serve as the ultimate solution. Glass panels make it possible to partition spaces for privacy purposes while still maintaining a properly lit area.

Room Dividers: It is possible to separate the office space for some extra office space, meeting rooms, or conference halls. Using glass dividers, you can split the room while still maintaining proper light exposure. Our commercial glass line allows our customers a variety of choices.

Other Office Application: We also do pocket doors, frameless doors, fixed panel doors, and office wall panels.

See our gallery for more information and designs. We will be more than glad to serve you with professionalism and excellence.

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