Laguna Niguel, CA Interior Sliding Doors


If you have been searching for the best quality custom sliding doors in Laguna Niguel, then your search is over! KNR sliding doors manufactures sliding doors with superior quality materials and by using first-rate engineering techniques. The custom sliding doors we make are aesthetically pleasing as well as highly practical.

Our company is based inCalifornia, and our policy is to manufacture our products 100% made in the USA. We use top quality materials –aluminum frames for our sliding doors, which you can get either in wood or glass. The materials used to make our sliding doors are fully recyclable, environmentally friendly and can be cleaned very easily.

Not only do we use top quality material, we ensure that strict quality assurance processes that are followed during the manufacturing our sliding door systems, frames, wheels. The end result is custom sliding doors that are the best in Laguna Nigel.

Our custom sliding doors can be used in your home, your closets or your office. We have a wide variety of designs and shades for you to choose from. If you are not sure what sort of door to go for, just send us a photo of a door that you like or the space you want to fit it in. We’ll then have our experts contact you to guide you for the best option for your office or your home. Alternately, if you know the specifications, send them to us, and we’ll custom build your sliding doors to match those specifications.

After your order, we’ll take just a maximum of 14 days to make and deliver your sliding doors to you. Our efficient and friendly customer service department will be with you at every step to inform you about the progress. What’s more, if you ever need any help from us, just ring our customer service who will be happy to help.

The different kinds of sliding doors you can choose from are:

Glass Doors

If you want to have a stylish look for your closet, go for our custom sliding closet doors. These closet doors made out of 6 mm tempered glass can be used in your office, kitchen, bedrooms, or living room closets. You can opt for the clear glass closet doors if you want to display your closet’s contents. For those who want to hide their closet’s contents, the frosted glass closet doors are just perfect.

Room dividers

If you have a large room and want to utilize it better, our glass room dividers will help you to divide the extra space into smaller rooms. You can opt for our 12 mm thick wood grain doors to help you make a style statement and get full privacy at the same time.

Office sliding doors

If you have a large office, you can divide it into partitions or rooms using our office sliding doors. You will give your employees complete privacy along with full functionality. Divide your office into many cubicles or split it into smaller rooms as per your desire.

Contemporary Interior Doors

Use the contemporary interior doors made by us to upgrade your style quotient. We give you many options to choose from – classy doors for an upscale apartment, a solid door for your bedroom, traditional doors to complement your living room, and much more!

You get to choose from 6 different natural wood options, 4 unique 2.5” frames, 10 beautiful door styles and an extensive collection of 6 mm thick tempered glasses.

Become the talk of the town by going for our custom sliding doors.

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