Create a separation with style, for any room, hallway, entryway. using glass or wood wall slider doors, mounted to the wall in order to close off a certain area without taking up any more room.


Our Glass Office Wall Panels are meticulously designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your workspace. Our wall panels offer a versatile solution for dividing areas, creating privacy, and adding visual interest to your office environment.

  • Custom Doors in 14 Days
  • Direct from our Manufacturer
  • Engineered for Ultimate Safety
  • Smooth Glide Technology
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Professional Installers
  • One Day Installation
  • 1/4-1/2′ Glass
  • Patented Wheels and Track System
  • Sleek & Modern Design

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Maximize Efficiency and Organization

Office Wall Panels are essential for maximizing efficiency and organization in any office setting. Whether you need to divide open areas into separate workspaces or create private meeting rooms, our wall panels provide a flexible solution that adapts to your evolving business needs. With designated spaces for collaboration and focused work, your team can stay productive and organized throughout the day.

Flexible Configurations, Customizable Options

At KNR Sliding Doors, we understand that every office is unique. That’s why our Office Wall Panels are customizable to fit your specific requirements. Choose from a variety of configurations, sizes, and finishes to create a layout that aligns with your office design and workflow. Whether you prefer glass, wood, or aluminum panels, we have options to suit your style and functional needs.

Clear room dividers with black frames


Glass Options


White laminated, clear milky, tinted mirror, tinted clear, frosted glass, tinted frosted, mirror glass, black glass and more.

Wood Options


Wenge, Walnut, Birch, Grey Wash, Maple, Oak and more.

Frame Options

Frame Options

White, Silver, Black, and more.

Door Style


Classic, Twin, Triple, Quattro, Oriental, T, Double T, Ladder, Up & Down, Shoji, and more.

Promote Collaboration and Privacy

Strike the perfect balance between collaboration and privacy with our Office Wall Panels. Designed with modular panels, our wall systems offer flexibility in configuring open spaces while providing employees with the privacy they need to focus on their tasks. Whether you’re hosting team meetings or working on individual projects, our wall panels create a conducive environment for productivity and creativity.

Modernize Your Office Environment

Our Office Wall Panels feature a sleek and modern design that enhances the overall aesthetics of your workspace. With clean lines and contemporary finishes, our panels add a touch of sophistication to your office environment, creating a professional atmosphere that reflects your brand identity and values.

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