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Nothing makes a space, whether an office space or home space, as stylish as ultra-modern sliding doors, stunning glass doors, beautiful room dividers, and custom sliding closet doors. Indeed, it’s always a breathtaking view. And, this is why we’re right here in Westwood, to make your home and office space awe-inspiring and simply exquisite.

Sliding Doors Versus Traditional Doors

Over the past recent years, sliding doors have continued to be a more effective, functional and beautiful choice, both inside the home and office space. And now, with the more modern designs and advanced technology options that we offer, interior décor has become even more fashionable and awe-inspiring.

The best part is that all our sliding doors for home and office are Made in the USA, with high quality materials – aluminum frame. That’s not all, they are also recyclable as well environment friendly. Even more amazing…we deliver custom doors in 14 days!

So, the next time you go to renovate an office or home space as a builder, or update an interior door as a home interior designer, here are some strong reasons to favor our cutting-edge sliding doors over the traditional doors;

• Streamlined Space and Increased Functionality

Sliding doors take less space compared to the hinged or traditional door. For some, this is only an illusion. But in reality, you save more space when you use these professional doors. One of the reasons is that they don’t need additional doorway space to enable them open properly. On the other hand, the traditional doors would need an ample of space to stay out of the way when it opens.

• Mask Unsightly Items

Use our appealing TV closet sliding doors to mask your TV. In fact, your TV will be practically embedded into the closet door to keep it out of the way and create more space in the room. Similarly, you can use our modern wall panels to mask other unsightly items that get in the way and make your home or office space look clumsy. This is not something that you can achieve with a traditional door.

• Close Off Staircases

Instead of a traditional door that doesn’t beautifully and modernly close off your staircase or other spaces, the stylish glass sliding doors designed and manufactured by our leading Local California Company is an excellent alternative for shutting off your staircase or other spaces that you want to get out of prying eyes.

• Upgrade Your Closet and Transform Your Space

Use our custom sliding closet doors to upgrade and transform your space. You can be sure of 100 percent high quality materials, and we will adapt our price to suit your budget. And, the designs, concepts and colors of our wide selection of home and office closet doors are almost endless. You will surely find something that suits your unique preference. The traditional option would obviously not offer you such versatile options.

• Promote Environment Friendly and Recyclable Materials

Compared to the traditional doors, our modern-day sliding doors have been manufactured with advanced technology to boost environment-friendliness and recycling concept. These features and more perfectly describe our contemporary interior doors, including our office sliding doors.

Do you know that our sliding doors built with advanced technology, have the ability to reduce the spread of micro organisms? Yes, that’s the additional benefit of choosing sliding doors instead of the traditional options.

We are only a call closer to you! Our team of experts will be at your beck and call right here in Westwood, for your home and office space decor with our sliding doors.

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