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Customized for any space, our Anaheim interior glass doors, sliding doors, and office dividers can modernize any room of your house or office.

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If you don’t already have sliding doors in your Anaheim home or office, then you are missing out on one of the best developments in interior design. Sliding doors have many advantages, like energy efficiency, safety, durability, easy access and environmental friendliness, to name a few. Plus, they just make your property look good and save a whole lot of space.

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The Best Interior Door Company in Anaheim, CA

Do you have a sliding door project in Anaheim that needs to be completed? Then look no further than KNR Sliding Doors, a local California company that offers the best sliding door systems for home and office. We are a small business that specializes in completely transforming your living or office space into an aesthetically pleasing and highly-efficient setting, whether you are looking to increase comfort,maximize productivity or both. We also use quality materials,such as aluminum frames, wooden doors and double glazing glass, and offer variety of customization options to fit your personal style and the overall theme of your building.

Frosted glass interior doors sliding to a bedroom with exposed brick and wooden beams.


You don’t want just anyone to work on your property, you need highly-experienced and knowledgeable professionals that have completed numerous projects – all to the customer’s satisfaction. Our sliding doors are sure to match your room dividers, closets or TV cabinets without a hassle. Plus, you get to pick from a variety of quality materials that we will use to customize everything for a super luxurious finish.

On top of that, everything is made in the USA, meaning that we won’t provide you with cheap, imported merchandise, and you will be supporting a local business by directly purchasing from us.

Types of INterior Glass Doors

Sliding Doors

This is what we are best at – it is in our company name! And we can provide high-quality sliding doors that are 6mm thick. So whether you need them on the inside or the outside, we will manufacture the best custom sliding doors for you and your property.

Glass Doors

There is nowhere that our glass doors won’t fit (kitchen, living room, closet or office). So just make the order and will make you glass doors that are highly-functional and beautiful using different styles of 6mm tapered glass and the perfect sliding systems.

Modern office space with glass-walled cubicles, interior doors, and computer workstations.

Room Dividers

There is no need to put up concrete walls in a large office or living space to assign offices. Our room dividers are easy to install and customize with some contemporary interior doors, like office sliding doors, and a variety of frame and glass types.

Glass Closet Doors

If you are looking to bring some elegance into your bedroom, then try our glass closet doors. If you want a more bespoke look for your closet, we have plenty of glass shades, frames and dividers that will give your closet an ultra-unique look and give your living space a modem touch.

And best of all, we are one of the most affordable sliding door companies in Anaheim. Don’t believe us? Bring us a quote from a competitor, with the exact same item and features, and we will match it! We are offering you an opportunity to get the best value for your money, so give us a shot and we guarantee to meet your expectations.

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Once everything is settled, we will manufacture and install your custom doors in 14 days!

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