Palm Springs, CA Interior Sliding Doors

Finding a perfect sliding door for your home or office may be a tough job. The variety of choices you see on the market today can be overwhelming. After shuffling through hundreds of different options, you end up feeling lost and tired. Whether you know exactly what you want but can’t find it or need help choosing the best option, we can give you a hand.

We are a local company that services Palm Springs and other southern California areas. We’ve been around for many years and know exactly what our clients want. We offer you a chance to design your ideal door on the website right now and have it ready within 14 days. Be it the glass doors, room dividers, home or office sliding doors or glass closet doors, we’ve got them all. We pride ourselves on delivering the most viral interior door solutions in your area.

If you are not sure where to start, you can send us a picture of your space and we’ll be glad to give your recommendations. Designing a perfect door is easier than you think. All you have to do is choose the style, the material, and the size. It can take under 5 minutes of mouse clicking. We can take care of the rest.


While interior doors are doubtfully important, special attention should be paid to closet doors. Custom sliding closet doors can completely change the appearance of your room. While saving a significant amount of space, such doors can give your home a contemporary appearance. They also offer a perfect access to all the items stored inside the closet.

Sliding closet doors are as durable as regular hinged doors. Meanwhile, they are easier to clean and tend to last much longer. All depends on the materials used to build such a door. High-quality aluminum coupled with natural wood and tempered glass can make your closet look stunning and last a lifetime.

Wall Panels

Sliding wall panels are becoming more and more popular among American home and office owners. Their main goal is to hide something without taking up too much space. Be it a mirror, a TV, a wall safe, a niche in the wall or some shelves, a wall panel can hide whatever you don’t want to see on a regular basis or keep it out of your guests’ or coworkers’ sight.

If you decide to make a wall panel out of tempered glass, you can add an extra bright spot to your room. Such glass doors and dividers brighten up the room and make it look more spacious.


Sliding doors, even if they are made out of glass, can provide just as much privacy as any other door types. In fact, you can use such doors and dividers for the office to create an appearance of cubicles. Contemporary interior doors are not just beautiful. They offer impressive functionality.

People, who live in studio apartments, are big fans of room dividers. If you don’t appreciate open spaces and feel the need for some privacy, a room divider can do the trick. If you opt for the sliding type, you can choose when to take advantage of the privacy or welcome the open space.

All the doors and other interior solutions we offer are made in the USA. We use durable aluminum frames for our sliding mechanisms as well as natural wood and tough tempered glass for panels. If you have any questions about the door making process, we are always here to answer them. The road to creating a perfect door in Palm Springs is easy and it starts right here.