At KNR you will find not only sliding doors but closest organization as well. The best closets that integrate personal touch, modern design, superior quality without compromise, and affordable pricing.. The result.. Perfection…

Here you can build your own closet from top to bottom, in and out. You have everything under one roof. From simple to sophisticated we can build and organize a closet perfect for your style.

Everything is locally made, using the only the best hardware for superior quality.

An organized closet will clean up your room. Closets that are designed and planned according to essential needs and personal style will revolutionize your routine lifestyle and will improve your quality of life. After you complete your dream closet, you will notice a lot less mess, no more clutter and you will finally be able to find everything efficiently and quickly.

In your new closet you can plan the whole area according to the articles you choose to store inside. In addition you will get a quiet and intimate changing room. For each personal touch, any accessory can be added.
Mirrors, drawers, tie racks, pull out drawers, pull-out shoe shelves, poles for those items to hang and much more.
With the right planning and professionalism we offer you can make the most of any space. Maximum capacity with minimal space.

Guest rooms, kid playrooms, closets and of course walk-ins, we have it all.
We offer an array of colors and sizes in shelves and drawers.

We help you from beginning to end – planning and designing, customizing and fabricating everything for your personal space.

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