Stationary Panel Doors

Stationary doors or panels give you the option to put a glass panel that brings the trendy and new improved look to the desired area. No blocked off wall anymore…

Check out the fitted options for your place. Our glass panels are used as stationary panels. They can be used as a partition or even a wall substitute, Convert a typical wall area into a modern and stylish visual piece.

Choose from our large variety of the latest colors and designs to fit you. We offer anywhere from clear glass to white glass, and all in between. Go darker with tinted clear glass, to full black glass. We can help you choose colors, frames, and designs.

Call us or come visit us in our showroom today. We are here to help you.

Our modest track together with our wheel system provides the softest and quietest glide. Our wheels are positioned in the center of the door, without any plastic or other coverings needed behind the wheel. This feature ensures doors to stay on the track. We provide 5 years warranty on the wheel system.

Our top of the line material and products guarantees lasting results. With the many options of aluminum color frames and size options to choose from you are sure to find the perfect fit.

KNR Sliding Door Design offers aluminum frame options, available in silver, black and white. You can select a wood sliding door or glass sliding door with a laminated or tempered 6-12 mm thick glass. Our newest options include a wood and glass combo! Ask us for more info.